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Advancing Advocacy

  • Tue, February 28, 2017
  • 8:00 PM
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Join us for a monthly webinar where we will learn about skills and subjects that help us become better advocates in this most difficult of civil rights causes. 


Advancing Advocacy: Building Membership

How do you reach the Registered Citizens in your state and encourage them to join the fight for reform? Anita Killen, Membership Chair for Florida Action Committee (FAC) will share the process they use to raise awareness of FAC and continue to increase membership growth each year. The focus will be on an effective mail-out campaign and the essential phone support team that is trained and ready to receive calls.


Through the support of their members, in dues and volunteer hours, FAC has been able to expand statewide and provide local representation in most of the counties.  Assigning Regional and County Coordinators has also enabled FAC to have “eyes and ears” throughout the state, to quickly react on local issues, and hold local Meet and Greet meetings.  FAC is far from done; they continue to refine their Membership model by learning from others.  This will be an exchange of experiences and suggestions.


Anita Killen lives in the Orlando area and has served on the board of Florida Action Committee since its inception in 2006.  She currently oversees the Membership committee and is committed to the goal of reaching all Registered Citizens in Florida. Their motto is “With Unity Comes Change”.

We encourage you to sign up here for these webinars, in order to get any last-minute notices as well as a reminder the day before. 

No special download needed on your computer! From your computer, tablet, or smart-phone just go to https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/narsolmeetings#/ and select "Join Meeting." Internet Explorer® 10 and up and Safari® 6.0 and up support screen sharing. Firefox® 15 and up and Chrome™ 16 and up support screen sharing, online calls and video conferencing.


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